Our designers can help you to establish a brand identity for your company. A recognizable and professionally designed logo is in most cases the first step to create a company identity.


Logo design for Infinicom.


Logo design proposals for the kack.biz web site. Unfortunately, this site never went online.

Buddhaboa Snake

Buddhaboa.com sells snakes online. This is logo design variants, company web site would be available soon.

SoCal Millworks

Logo design variants for the Millworks factory.

Caye Connect

Twelve logo variants for Caye Connect company based in Belize Islands.

Conrad Health

Teaching tools for living with purpose and joy.


Logo design for VIPassociated.com

Terra Yoga

Logo design for Terra Yoga in 2 variants: small and large. Made in Adobe Illustrator CS.

Architectural web portal

Logo design for the architectural web portal.

Ambulante Leberdialyse Munchen

Logo design for a German private clinic.

X-Design Studio

Logo design for "X" - the graphic design studio.

Joomla! Logo Contest

Our solution for the logo contest Joomla! Content Management System.

Eight - Billiard & Night Club

Logo design for "Eight" - Billiard & Night Club. The 8 ball is in vector format (Adobe Illustrator).

Full Tiger Web Systems

Logo design for a software company (web related) from California, USA. The logo represents real tiger vectorized in Adobe Illustrator.

The Fitness Studio Enter

Logo design for the fitness studio "Enter".


Logo design for web site InfoExporta.

aqua - The resource of Nature

Logo design for The Aqua Company (the natural mineral water products).


Logo design variants for The Soul168 Internet community.


Logo design proposals for the VToursOnline company - Virtual Panoramas for worldwide tourist destinations.