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Presco Inc

Presco, Inc. is an independent exploration and development company focused primarily on natural gas in the onshore, United States.

Hard Dance Addict

UK based Hard Dance news / community web site.

Petite Chateau

Petite Chateau has assembled the finest collection of home and children's furnishings to represent your individual style.

I-Sight HC

i-Sight HC complaint management software has been designed to enable health care organizations to effectively record, manage and learn from patient complaints.

Open Grove

The Open Grove is an independent forum that provides a dynamic convergence of perspectives on wellness.

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Train and Development

Training and Development Solutions is a UK training and development solutions provider delivering open, in-house and bespoke customer care, professional development, management and more.

North Frontenac

Situated on a southern arm of the Canadian Shield north of Kingston, this semi-wilderness park features granite outcrops, vast wetlands and mixed forests, plants and wildlife.

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Swahili Remix

Tanzanian news / community web site.

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Nedap Templates

Two nice designed templates with Flash animations for Nedap company.

Gardner Family Health

Gardner provides comprehensive health care services dedicated to improving the health status of the low and moderate-income communities in Santa Clara County.

Low Murchison

One of the most respected and energetic law firms in Eastern Ontario.

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Maxit Magazine

Joomla template development for the very popular UK based online magazine.

The Head Clinic is adult site developed in Joomla and Gallery component for pictures and video management.


Fru-con offers a unique blend of engineering competence and construction skill.


Established in 2003, we are the first multi-layer printed circuit fabrication house in Vietnam to provide full service support for the printed circuit industry.

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VIP Associated

We are original creators of this web site as well as its logo and visual identity. It survived few redesigns from the other freelancers after that :)

Dixie Carpet

Dixie Carpet company web site with product catalogue is developed in Joomla and Zoom Gallery component.

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Get Shanti

Joomla site for Hema Murty, PhD, certified personal trainer and certified yoga instructor.

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Collabora Network

On-Demand Team Collaboration, Organization & Email services. Two Joomla templates with fixed and variable width option.

Stories That Matter

These projects employ career investigative journalists who develop general interest, nationally significant environmental and peace stories and then work to break them in the commercial media.